Kimberly Berliner

Chief Compliance Officer

Kimberly Berliner has been the Chief Compliance Officer (“CCO”) of EULAV Asset Management (“EAM”) since January 2017. Ms. Berliner is responsible for all aspects of EAM’s Compliance Program including determining the adequacy and effectiveness of its policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all SEC regulations and federal securities laws.

Ms. Berliner joined Northern Lights Compliance Services, LLC (“NLCS”) in September 2016, a company which provides CCO services to investment companies and investment advisors. Ms. Berliner’s professional experience includes 17 years in the financial services industry, 13 of those years in compliance for registered investment advisers, registered investment companies, a broker/dealer and insurance company. Prior to joining NLCS, Ms. Berliner was at Weston Financial Group, a registered investment adviser and Weston Securities Corporation, its affiliated broker/dealer where she worked in compliance and also served as Vice President and Secretary of the New Century Portfolios, a family of mutual funds managed by Weston Financial Group.

Ms. Berliner received her B.S. in marketing from University of Maryland at College Park, College of Business and Management.

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