Over the course of six decades, Value Line Funds have grown into a fund family that includes a wide range of solutions designed to meet virtually any investment goal. Whether you are looking for income or long-term capital appreciation, you can rely on the solid fundamentals of Value Line Funds.

Strategies That Have Stood the Test of Time


Value Line Mid Cap Focused Fund1 seeks long-term growth of capital. Current income is a secondary objective.


Value Line Income and Growth Fund seeks income, as high and dependable as is consistent with reasonable risk. Capital growth to increase total return is a secondary objective.


Value Line Premier Growth Fund seeks long-term growth of capital. No consideration is given to current income in the choice of investments.


Value Line Larger Companies Focused Fund's2 sole investment objective is to realize capital growth.


Value Line Centurion Fund† seeks long-term growth of capital.


The Value Line Tax Exempt Fund seeks to provide investors with the maximum income exempt from federal income taxes while avoiding undue risk to principal. The fund may be subject to state and local taxes and the Alternative Minimum Tax (if applicable).


Value Line Core Bond Fund seeks to maximize current income.


Value Line Strategic Asset Management Trust† seeks to achieve a high total investment return consistent with reasonable risk.


Value Line Small Cap Opportunities Fund invests in US common stocks of small capitalization companies, with its primary objective being long-term growth of capital.


Value Line Asset Allocation Fund seeks high total investment return, consistent with reasonable risk. The Fund invests in stocks, bonds and money market instruments utilizing quantitative modeling to determine the asset mix.


Value Line VIP Equity Advantage Fund* seeks capital appreciation. Current income is a secondary investment objective.


Institutional shares launched for the Value Line Larger Companies Focused Fund, Small Cap Opportunities Fund, Asset Allocation Fund and Income and Growth Fund.


Value Line Mid Cap Focused Fund launches new Institutional share class.


The Value Line VIP Equity Advantage Fund (the “Fund”) is an actively managed open-end fund that is offered as an investment option to owners of the Guardian ProSeriesSM Variable Annuities issued by The Guardian Insurance & Annuity Company, Inc.

Only available through the purchase of Guardian Investor, a tax deferred variable annuity, or ValuePlus, a variable life insurance policy.


Formerly the Value Line Fund.


Formerly the Larger Companies Fund.