Mark Marrone

Chief Compliance Officer,
EULAV Asset Management

Mark Marrone is the Chief Compliance Officer of EULAV Asset Management (“EAM”) and is responsible for all aspects of EAM’s Compliance Program since 2009. Mr. Marrone is employed by Northern Lights Compliance Services, LLC, a company which provides Chief Compliance Officer services to investment companies and investment advisers. During his twenty six year career, Mr. Marrone has served as Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Financial Officer of an investment adviser and worked in similar capacities within other financial services firms.

Mr. Marrone received his BBA in Finance and Economics from Baruch College and his MBA in Accounting and International Business from Pace University. He is a member of the National Society of Compliance Professionals and also a member of the Investment Company Institute’s Advertising Compliance Advisory, Investment Advisers and Money Market Funds Advisory Committees.

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